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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Parenting Tips: Calm Spots

I live near the ocean and as a child spent some time each summer by the ocean.  Somehow over the years, I began to equate watching the water [especially waves] with calm.  If I am having a terrible day, the most healing place to go is to sit [in my car if it is December!] by the ocean and watch the waves for even just 5 minutes.  Somehow as each wave recedes it takes away some of my anger and frustration, and as each fresh wave comes in it brings me a bit of resilience and renewal. 

I have come to believe that everyone needs a calm spot. My calm spot of choice is the ocean. That concept has helped me with some of the kids who tend to be explosive, or defensive, or any of the other types of high emotion that seem to be beyond their ability to control. 

What is a Calm Spot?
I have asked each of my kiddos to chose a Calm Spot.  They can try out different ones to find the best.  Sometimes they need to change their spot. What is a calm spot?  I tell them it is a place they can go when they feel like their insides are going too fast, their feelings are going to explode, etc. It should be a place where they can calm themselves down and be safe until they do.  

Next Thursday I will tell you how I set up each child's Calm Spot, what I put there, etc. 
Happy Thursday!

P.S. Sorry, no time for finding photos this morning.... late waking up and an all day training to get to..... Fill i with a mental picture of YOUR calm spot!

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