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Friday, March 9, 2012

Anything Can Happen: The Joy Team

In keeping with what I asked us to think about in my Wednesday Soapbox post... how exactly can one go about scattering joy?  Think about what makes YOU smile.
Is it a baby's throaty chuckle?
Is it a bunch of joyful dancers in an unexpected flash mob?

While in Oregon I heard about the JOY billboards that are designed to spread joy and sponsored by the Joy Team [see below].  Maine has a law that forbids billboards of any kind. But imagine signs like this scattered across the country!
Check out their website to see how it is done and to see other examples of their projects.   a site devoted to spreading joy to millions through billboards, directories of love, joy, kindness, etc.
Note:  They also have a site geared for kids called the Junior Joy Team

If you need more ideas for happiness check out some of these websites!  [found by googling and exploring the results of searching "happiness"     an antidote for all the sadness and tragedy in the regular news programs  "How to Create the Happy Life You Deserve   site by the author of the book about a year searching for happiness    daily happiness tips, funny photos, etc.  People post photos and descriptions of their happiest moments

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