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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Quick Takes: A Joyful Sound!

I saw this just before leaving for my trip but had to wait until now to be able to post it.  They reported on this phenomenon on NBC Nightly News. I then did some online research and found an article about the project, composer Eric Whitacre's 2010 virtual choir performance and a blog about how he creates each virtual choir.  [Note: There has also been a YouTube virtual symphony]   Whitacre  made an instructional video for singers to learn their parts and then continued working to create his exceptional concert.

Can you imagine?....  music created by a virtual chorus.... nearly 3,800 strangers who have never met, probably never will.  Each one singing alone in their own home, office, bedroom, facing their computers individually, yet part of an amazing chorus.

Singing each part alone, yet together via that nebulous "cloud" that is the internet.... they joined together to make amazing and beautiful music!

Cyber music

A Cyber, Joyful Sound !

His 2011 results can be heard here.

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