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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Read Across America... Day 4- Special Issue Books

Continuing my preparation and celebration of March 2nd Read Across America. Remember each day I will recommend a few favorites for different ages, stages, and situations.  If any of them fit your needs, try them... check your library, interlibrary loan programs, online used books, and local bookstores.  Enjoy!!

Today:  Special Issue Books

Kids Wanting To Run Away:

I Was So Mad
by Mercer Mayer
pub: Golden Book Co
ISBN 0- 307-61939-7

With Mayer's familiar creatures. we follow as the "child" is angry with his mother, then father, then little by little everyone and everything and he decides to run away.  This book is a delightful look at that familiar childhood experience and feelings.

Constant Interrupting:

My Mouth is a Volcano

by Julia Cook  Ill Carrie Hartman

pub: National Center for Youth Issues

ISBN 978-1-931636-85-8

One in a series of books that address Children's Life Skills the Center has  created a humorous story that teaches children how to manage their thoughts and words without interrupting. This book has won awards and you can find lesson plans and activities to go with it online.

Little Kids Misbehaving in School: 

David Goes to School
by David Shannon
pub: Scholastic
ISBN 0-439-32171-9

This sequel to No! David follows David as he goes to school and gets in trouble for his antics in the classroom. The teacher eventually calls him to task, but he ends his day with encouragement and understanding.

Tomorrow-- Happy Birthday Dr Seuss

P.S.  You can also search previous blog entries for favorites I have already written about.  Some of my all time favorites I have already bogged about. Check them out too! Search using "Recommended" and "Suggested Reading."

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