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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Soapbox: Buy Local

One of the big trends today is "Buy Local."  I have bought local for decades.  Only rarely a big box grocery store for me. I have always paid the extra for the local grocery store.  Yes there are fewer products, but I kind of like that. Yes, it costs a bit more, but I save on gas and time because it is so close by. I also tend to buy less because I am not "stocking up." But the best part was that the people knew me and knew my kids.

As the single parent of a large family I rarely could afford the luxury of grocery shopping alone. I  could bring my tribe there and they understood.  When I was had unexpected surgery they knew I was a single parent and offered to drop off groceries if I ever needed them and couldn't find someone to pick them up for me.  When I commented this year that the only thing I ever have to go to the big store for is to get Diet Coke with Lime [my drug of choice] they asked me how many I need a week and next thing I knew they had ordered it and stashed it aside for me.  Try that in a big box store. Two of my children even had their first work experience in the safe environment of that local, independent store.

So, with summer gardens working their magic you will hear a lot about buying local.  What they say is true.  You should buy local.  Buying local the food is fresher.  Buying local does support the local economy. Buying local does support family farms and independent stores.

But the biggest reason I buy local is the people.

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