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Friday, June 17, 2011

Anything Can Happen: Celebrate Dad

Catch photos of him playing
with the kids...
My anything can happen today is a collection of photos chosen from those I found online of Dads.  My suggestion is to start today to make a collection of photos yourself of the dads in your life or your kid's lives.  Think of the fun photo album you could give to Dad next year on Father's Day!

Doing "Dad stuff" like reading to the kids

Halloween often offers funny possibilities

You can plan photos that will look daring.
If you keep a camera handy you might
 catch them in a silly moment.
Sometimes you can dare them to be silly
and catch the moment 

If he is sleeping you can add props to make funny photos!

P.S. Be sure to include some heartwarming ones along with the embarrassments!
You might even include some culled from years past if you are putting together a collection for him.
Remember.... a book like that would be a treasured gift for birthday, holiday as well as Father's Day.

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