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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Focus on Fostering: Tiny Table Tip

No this isn't a tip about small tables.  Sometimes it is the small victories that get us through.  Here is a small tip to help your kids set tables well.  I know, that is not a skill that will earn college credit, or even qualify for a school science project. But, it is a skill that will help them fit in, and will give them a way to help someone out, pitch in, and fit in.  Does your older child still mix which side of the plate holds the spoon, fork, knife, or glass?  For younger children I still recommend table-setting placemats [see my April 14, 2011 blogpost]. But...  here is a repeat of the tiny tip for today for kids old enough to spell:

Left is spelled with 4 letters:  L-E-F-T
On the left side goes:
.. the fork ...spelled with 4 letters: F-O-R-K.

Right is spelled with 5 letters:  R-I-G-H-T
On the right side goes:
.. the spoon ...spelled with 5 letters:  S-P-O-O-N
.. the knife ...spelled with 5 letters:  K-N-I-F-E
.. the glass ...spelled with 5 letters: G-L-A-S-S

I told you it was a small tip.  But remember... small victories build the courage for steps to larger victories.

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