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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Quick Takes: Father's Day Gift Craft

Any of the tips for Mother's Day can often be applied to Father's Day, and some of the teeacher gift ideas can also work so check back on the posts about those. But I thought today I would offer a quick craft idea for family fun that also makes a great Father's Day gift if you are still looking for ideas.

1. Use poster paint or any regular acrylic paint that will wash off the kids. [You can even use leftover wall washable wall paint or the little paint samples.]

2. Use a barbecue apron, or a plain T-shirt, or even a poster board.

3. Write something like "Give a Hand to the World's Best Dad"  or "Give a Hand for Our Dad" or "Hands up for a Great Dad"  with a permanent marker or small brush. [See the option note below for special situations.]

4. Have each child "paint" their hand in a color and print the apron, shirt, or poster with their handprint.
To make it more colorful use a different color for each child if the paint is available.

--You can do it one at a time or overlapping
--You can make a design by printing over something, see circle at right, or a heart, or a house, or anything you want.
--You can use a permanent marker and label each handprint with that child's name.
--You can also stencil or paint a heart in the palm of each hand and use that space to write the name.
--For foster children: Use whatever name they call their foster dad if giving it to him.  If giving to a bio dad... you can just put the handprints and "Happy Father's Day" or even just the prints with the names and the year.  Choose whatever is the best for the situation.

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