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Monday, June 20, 2011

School Bell: Time Flies

One of the funny things about kids that any parent will tell you is that each stage seems to take forever... while you are going through it.  But when you look backward it seems the child grows from stage to stage each time you blink your eyes.  Nine months seems to drag on and then suddenly it is over and you have an infant. [blink] You think they will neeeever be in kindergarten, [blink] then you question if they will make it through middle school [blink], then you wonder if they will live [or whether you will live] through their high school year [blink].... and then they are collecting their diploma. 

Soooo, the next time you get frustrated with their algebra, or get that dreaded call from their teacher, or, or, or.... take a moment to celebrate the problems and challenges of that age or stage... but don't blink or it will be gone!

Since summer vacation starts now, School Bell is going to be more like summer vacation too.  Summer school bell will be a collection of ideas and things to do in the summer that can also help next fall when they return to school. If you like it, enjoy it, if not... it will end as quickly as summer vacation... so watch those blinks!

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