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Monday, June 27, 2011

School Bell: Summer 1

I know summertime is for being outdoors.  But computer time can be a good compromise on rainy days for combining fun and keeping their minds moving and stretching.

For lovers of bugs and beasties:
     The Natural Wildlife Federation  -- This site has all kinds of info, pictures, videos and more for famillies and kids to explore.  Though too text heavy for young ones, they can look at pictures while you tell them some of the facts and tidbits.  You can learn how to listen for wildlife in your area... AND then submit your story to the national site!   You can find out how to adopt a wildlife acre. You can read all kinds of ideas for outdoor activities. They can participate in the national FrogWatch project too.This is a wonderful site, especially for your critter lovers.  []

For puzzle lovers: 
    The Kidz Page  -- I found this site when one of my two legged critters ws home for a week with the chickenpox.  It was a lifesaver!  Online coloring pages, jigsaw puzzles, online games, kids clip art and much much more. Some are deliberately educational and some "just" keep their brains moving.  They also have free shareware and other downloads. The jigsaw puzzles come in 6, 12, 25, and 40 piece puzzle versions complete with options for picture and shape hints. []

    HighlightsKids--My granddaughter recommended this because she loves all the online puzzles that she used to love in the wonderful kids magazine.  She considers herself "too old" now for the magazine but she still loves the hidden picture puzzles and more!  And the  science pages are outstanding as well. [] click on the current magazine for pages

Out of this World enthusiasts:
   Nasa for Kids  --  With Buzz Lightyear and more there are games, photos, and all kinds of activities for kids to explore worlds beyond our own and learn about our space program and space history.
 Kids Astronomy --With everything from kids astronomy games to online classes this site will take visitors all around our galaxy if not to infiinity and beyond. []

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