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Friday, June 17, 2011

Extra Post: Calling Alabama?

Hey, this is a quickie extra post today calling all Alabamans and NFPA members.  I am presenting three workshops at the upcoming [June 25-27] annual National Foster Parent Association conference in Mobile Alabama.  I am staying an extra day so that I can see a bit of Alabama, taxis permitting.   I suppose I could sun myself by the pool or write on  my upcoming chapters... but since I am not likely to travel from Maine to Alabama again I would like to see a bit of it.

 Has anyone reading this been to Mobile or know Mobile? If so I would welcome any suggestions on where to go or what to see. I have a couple of evenings on my own, plus one extra afternoon, evening, and morning.  I have looked online some, but don't know which things are really good, and which are just tourist-y Thanks!

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