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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Parenting Tips: When Tragedy Strikes

Every child whose home school was destroyed by a tornado, burned, or flooded needs this book.

 Every child who has had a family member or friend die unexpectedly needs this book.  

Every library should have this book available!

Yes, I know I just talked about this book on Tuesday... but many of my readers only "tune in" on the day they think fits them.  This book is too crucial for regular parents to miss.  Especially with all that has been happening lately across the country, in fact around the word.  Every child who has a relative or friend who has been traumatized could use this book.  Parents, teachers, neighbors, and caregivers should all read this book to understand what is happening inside the children.  I wish I had written a book as wonderful and as important as this one.  Every town library should have this book available for parents and kids who will never know when they may need it.  GET one! Recommend it to your town library and your school library!!

                   R e a d   i t ! 

A Terrible Thing Happened
By Margaret M Holmes
Ill by: Cary Pillo
Pub: Magination Press [American Psychological Assoc]

This fanTAStic book tells the story of Sherman Smith who saw a terrible thing happen. Readers watch as Sherman tries to forget about it but can't. It follows as he starts showing the impact of the memory and eventually readers see him meet someone who helps him talk about the terrible thing and then sees Sherman start to do and feel better.  One of my favorite things about the book is that the terrible thing is never specified which lets the reader or listener fill in the blank with what fits their experience.  A wonderful addition is an afterword that gives both examples of the kind and range of events that can cause trauma for children who are witnesses AND fifteen clear specific suggestions on how to help such children. This is my absolute favorite to reread or talk about when my kiddos at home, at church, or at school are clearly bothered by something... sometimes something I know has happened, sometimes something that we don't know.

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