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Friday, June 3, 2011

Anything Can Happen: Garage Envy

OK, disclaimer first.... I don't even have a garage, much less a car like this.  In fact I have garage envy.  Even of the little tiny, almost falling down garages. But I had to laugh when I found this creative company....

They supposedly manufacture garage door decals that you can put on your garage door to create amaze illusions.
[Most of the info says it is a German company.] The yellow sports car above is actually one of the decals pictured as is this one being applied.

See the before and after effect:

The decals can depict enormous tractors, a folded-wing airplane, a cabin cruiser boat,
a stash of gold bars or expanse of wine casks... you name it!

Here are some more:
Pique curiosity.

Create confusion with this illusion!
Maybe soon given gas prices.

Add a philosophical thought..

You can see even more by searching for "garage door posters" under images.  [NOTE: Don't let your kids search if you object to some adult imaged decals.]

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