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Monday, May 9, 2011

School Bell: Library Time

Spring weather and approaching summer vacation combine to make this a great time to get your kids visiting your local town library.  Libraries have changed a lot over the last few decades.  Books on cassette tape and videos were the beginning.  Students, seniors, and those on tight budgets often rely on libraries for access to computers, the internet and expensive magazines.

If you haven't been there for a while you may be very surprised to see a more vibrant, active, bustling place than you remember. Many libraries have added lots of new exciting things:
-- downloadable audio books
-- computer games
-- extensive DVD collections
-- day long admission passes to local children's museums, aquariums, and more
--even electronic book readers to sign out!

There are often read aloud mornings, and lots of summer programs to bring kids in and get them excited.

  So....get your kiddos over to the area libraries and see what they have to offer.  Sign up for a family library card. See what will be available for special summer reading programs.  And remember that the librarians are in a great position to recommend books for almost any age, any interest.  Get your kids interested and involved and eager now and your summer will be much easier!

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