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Friday, May 6, 2011

Anything Can Happen: Laryngitis. yippee!

Last week I woke up with absolutely NO voice... no warning other than a tickle at the back of my throat the night before.  I just opened my mouth to say "Good morning" to my cherubs and ... nothing.... not a whisper, not a croak..... nothing.  My overwhelming thought was "Thank GOODness!"  Why? Because it was last week, not this week.  Last Friday and Saturday I had basically no vocal obligations. This Friday and Saturday [today and tomorrow] I am presenting two Upbeat Parenting workshops at the Connecticut Association of Foster and Adoptive Parents, my first time at their conference. So today I celebrate that anything can happen, like losing your voice the morning of a conference presentation, and a big woo-hoo for timing that actually worked in my favor this time! My voice is back, the kleenex box and amoxicillin are added to my suitcase, and I am on my way!

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