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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Parenting Tips: Who is this boy???

Most of you know that I live in Maine.  Since last Saturday Maine has been transfixed by an unfolding tragedy... a mystery that we follow day after day, praying for a tv-sitcom solution, but knowing that no surprise ending can erase the pain of reality.

On a remote road near the New Hampshire border the body of a small boy was found under a blanket by the road.  For days no one has been able to identify this poor child.  Maine authorities searched databases of missing children all over the country and are chasing down even the smallest lead to who murdered this small child.

How can a child be missing and no one notice except perhaps the killer?  The very thought broke our hearts.   Night after night Mainers gathered with candles to hold vigil for this unknown child. Vigils were held at the local town hall, and at the site where he was found. Up to 200 people at a time gathered to mourn this small child abandoned and deserted. People left flowers mementos, messages, and stuffed animals.

For days this little boy has been an assembly of statistics [3 ft 8 inches, 45 pounds, blond hair, blue eyes, probably 4-6 years old], a haunting computer-generated photo our only image. The biggest clue to the personality this mystery child once had is the design of the shoes he was wearing when found.... Lightning McQueen [from "Cars"] black sneakers. Was it his favorite character?  How many times did he beg for these? Was it hard to get him to take them off at night? Was it his favorite movie?

Last night there seemed to be some possible leads that might solve this mystery.  But nothing will solve the pain of imagining what this boy endured, the frustration of seeing news coverage galore about Swartzenegger's illegitimate child and yet so little coverage to identify this lost soul, the anguish that children are so vulnerable to unreasonable emotions.  So, my hint today could be to hug your children tight and to cherish every moment.  But, unless you see online that his identity has been confirmed.... I don't have a hint... I have a PLEA!  Look at his face, his shoes, and ask yourself if you know this child.  He deserves a name.  He deserves to be mourned by people who loved him, not just strangers who wish they had the chance to love him. Help us find his name, his life, and someone who loves him. Thank you!

Image credits: Maine State Police

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