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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Focus on Fostering: Child File

Do you have a child file for each of your foster children?  An inexpensive portable file for each child helps organize key information you may need to locate or update quickly & simply.

What goes in them? I use the following color system for 5 folders.  [Mine actually aren't colored folders, I use colored sticky dots and a marker to color code old recycled folders, but you can be fancy if you'd like!]

1. Red Folder  [Medical]
---whatever medical history and records you have for the child.
--copy of immunization records
--copy of health insurance information
--runnning copy of medications lists [dated]
--running list of appointments [medical, dental, etc.]

2. Green folder [Go file]
--copy of child's birth certificate
--copy of child's key numbers [social security number, ID, insurance]
--list of providers [medical, dental, counseling, support etc ] where there are records on the child

3. Yellow folder [Caution]
--dated notes on any incidents in the home, school, or community
--photos [dated] of any damage caused by child clipped to the incident report
--warnings or complaints from community or school

4. Blue Folder [Legal]
--copy of any court orders related to visitation, etc.
--copy of annual photo from school or wherever
--running list [dated] of case workers, GAL, etc.

5. Manilla Folder [School]
--copy of report cards
--copy of any special education reports, plans
--results of any testing done on the child
--list of schools attended[with dates & addresses]
--dated list of teachers/advisors [if you have extras, add a pic of child each year to help teachers remember if needed]

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