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Monday, May 2, 2011

School Bell: Keep on Spinning

Try these little tricks to break up the homework routine as the end of year stress increases.
Make a couple of spinners and put them to use.

1. Nightly Homework: Label one with Math, Science, History, Reading, Writing, and Nibble Snack. Put it with a timer on the homework table.  Set the timer for 5-10 minutes depending on the child's age and have them spin to see what they will do for each chunk of homework time.

2. Big Projects: Take a big project and break it up into chunks and label the spinner with the chunks.  [Gather supplies, make outline, set a schedule, write introduction, etc.] Each night before the project is due, spin to choose what piece of the project to begin with that day.

3. Test Study: Label another spinner with: make flash cards, quiz me, list facts, reread chapter, study with a buddy. Each night spin to see which study strategy to use that night. [no strategy can be used more than once a week].

Note: If you don't like to make spinners yourself here are some options:
You can even order spinners with erasable faces onlinefrom school mart for under $4. From learning things you can also order cheaper 1-9 spinners for $1.34 each and just make a list of choices to go with the spinner.  [options can be on the list more than once for this spinner].

But my favorite is the versatile clear spinner you can pop over any choice of options. [Seen above] They only cost $2 online.

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