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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Soapbox: Mission Statements for life

Before you groan and choose not to read this, give me a chance. As a teacher the words "mission statement" brought on a groan and a mental slide show of new administrators, long meetings, and little follow through. When challenged a year ago to write a personal mission statement I figured if I wrote it for myself, then in theory I could control how well the mission statement was followed. I knew mission statements are supposed to be short and pithy [always tough for me!] yet stating core values. I know mission statements are most effective when supported by specific action objectives.

It took a lot of false starts, but I finally got it in words and posted it.. on my computer, in my planner, on my mirror, by my alarm clock. Anyway... consider trying one.  Your mission statement will look different from mine, but will reflect you.  I was surprised how much it helped me stay on course and motivated me to be more often the person I want to be. Try it!

Here is my mission and objectives.

"to be a blessing to those around me and to myself"

Within me to:                                  Around Me to:
               Celebrate curiosity                             Create Peace
               Find Joy                                             Foster Hope
               Forgive Pain                                       Demonstrate Fairness
               Give Thanks                                       Honor Differences
               See Beauty                                         Provide Safety
                                                                        Spread Love

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