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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Quick Takes: Two Simple New Year's Day Traditions

New Year's Day is a far less complicated time than the December holidays, so maybe this is a better day for traditions.  Here are two fairly simple ones to try with your families.

1- For any age children/adults:
        Take a photo of the kids or adults holding a sign with the new year date.  These can be collected over the years in a notebook, on a wall, or even to put in a computer slideshow for age progression...or hairline regression :-)   If you want to get fancy take another of each individual with the date and a symbol or item of something significant about that year.

2. For school age children and adults:
         Make a twist on the idea of NewYear's Resolutions... Have each person make predictions not just goals for the next year.  Write them down on paper. Sign and date them.  Seal them in an envelope, one for each person. Write the name and year on each envelope.  Put them in a special, safe place in the house [maybe the top shelf of the hall closet or the linen closet?]. Save them to open the next New Year's Eve and then laugh or cheer.  [Shhhhhh...Below is a hopeful picture I put in my envelope... I can always hope!]

[For older teens or grownups, add a copy of a tabloid newspapers' predictions for the year and see how your accuracy compares with the psychics come next New Year's Eve.]

Happy New Year ! !

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