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Friday, January 21, 2011

Anything Can Happen: Riddle Me This

In hunting for funny jokes that do not disparage anyone or any group I found that riddles seem the largest category.  Here are a few simple to remember riddles you can teach for younger children to share:
Warning: They are more like groaners than guffaw-ers. 

For younger kids:
1. Why was the math book sad?
2. Why didn't Noah fish very often?
3. Why do seagulls fly over the sea?
4. Why did Humpty Dumpty have a great fall?
5. Why did the Pilgrims' pants fall down?

For slightly older kids who have some knowledge base:
6. What do Alexander the Great and Winnie the Pooh have in common?
7. Did you hear the news about corduroy pillows?
8. Why couldn't Mozart find his teacher?
9. Why did the chicken cross the road?
10. Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon?

1. Because it had so many problems.
2. Because he only had two worms.
3. Because if they flew over the bay they would be ba-gels.
4. Because he was making up for a boring summer.
5. Because they wore their belts on their hats.
6. They have the same middle name.
7. They are making headlines.
8. Because he was Haydn.
9. Because the ref was calling fowls.
10. The food is great but there is no atmosphere.

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