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Friday, January 14, 2011

Anything Can Happen: Anti Know-it-Alls

I was always annoyed by know-it-alls.  You know them.  The ones who drive everybody crazy because they know it all, and if you don't think so, just ask them and they will often tell you they do.  [I find the ones who usually DO know it all are often the quieter ones.] Anyway... Here are a few comeback challenges that you can try [or teach your kiddos]. Don't cheat by looking at the answers first. No guarantees, but you might have some fun.

#1-Read this carefully: Woodrow Wilson's wife walked wearily through the wisteria trees because is was Woodrow's wish to whistle while washing the windows on the west side wall.
How many W's are there in all?  [Read again if needed.]

#2- Which month has 28 days?

#3- Everyone knows you can empty a glass of liquid faster with two straws than one, but can you empty a glass of water in less than two minutes with two straws in your mouth... one straw in the glass, one straw out of the glass?

#4- Write down the letters J.F.M.A.M.J.J.A.S. What are the three letters that complete the meaning of this series? 

#5- Name all four phrases that appear on current U.S. coins. [No checking your pocket or wallet!]

                Have fun!  

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Answers [don't cheat]: 1-none. There are no w's in "all."2-They all do.3-Straws work only because the mouth creates a vacuum pump.With one straw sucking air, no airtight pump. Both straws are useless.4-O.N.D. [The letters are the first of each month in the year in order.]5-Liberty, In God We Trust, E. Pluribus Unum, and United States of America  

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