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Monday, January 3, 2011

School Bell: A Second Start.. A Fresh Start

For all of you whose children go back to school today after the winter holiday vacation, please stop doing the happy dance!
No, I'm kidding... just come back and read this when you are through celebrating.

Ok... just as a new year is a time for adult resolutions and fresh starts, it can be a fresh start for you children at school too.  I know the school year began months ago, but this is a change to talk to your kids [or if necessary to their teachers] and tweak or adjust their habits and attitudes.  Use the new year as the perfect excuse for starting over, for a new beginning.  Children generally want to do well in school, but by this point in the year may feel overwhelmed. If they have fallen behind and are struggling, giving up is the next step.  Now is the perfect time to intervene and give them the extra support needed to turn things around.

Check their grades.  Talk to their teachers.  Follow up on concerns. Try some new study support strategies.  Help find and encourage study buddies.  Pair up with your children until they can do it successfully on their own. Ask for a fresh conference or educational testing if you have serious concerns and have done everything at your end with no success.  There is still time.  The year for most children is not yet even half over.  If your child is struggling...Don't let him or her fall into a sense of hopelessness.  Throw them a lifeline... now. We all need second chances every so often.

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