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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Quick Takes: In Praise of Birthday Cards

In this day and age of digital conversations, skyped conversations, e-cards, and texting language the art of written communication is undergoing drastic changes.  But... don't give up on all of the traditions of writing!

Consider introducing your children to staying in written touch by encouraging them to send greeting cards.   Birthdays or holidays are great places to start.  They can make them or buy them... even the discount stores have cute greeting cards these days.

A card does not require a great deal of writing... a sentence or two is fine, so it isn't too intimidating even for children who aren't fond of writing. Pictures can start the smiles that continue when the recipient sees the name and/or note inside!

Cards and notes, however short, help people stay in touch across the miles or across the moods. Everyone loves the surprise of a personal note in the pile of junk mail, even more so now that personal mail is less common. Teach your children the habit of sending cards, and later notes, and they will always have friends and family who delight in hearing from them.

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