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Friday, April 20, 2012

Anything Can Happen: Crazy Views

Quick way to have some fun with your kids:

Visit a novelty store and try these to liven things up, start the giggles, and give your kids a fun and funky different "view" of the world...

1- Simulate the view a fly gets of the world by donning a pair of fly-eye glasses. 
Take turns wearing them while you eat dinner.  Almost as much fun for the person looking at someone wearing them as for the person who is actually wearing them. [under $10[

2. Reverse binoculars. Take an inexpensive pair of binoculars and try looking through them backwards. It makes everything seem VERY far away and makes walking, co-ordinating, much harder.  Try these while playing bowling on a Wii or PlayStation to watch your scores plummet.

3. 3-D or Snowflake glasses.  These glasses mimic special effect photo lens. They can turn a spot of light into a snowflake, a prism, a repeated pattern and more. Available places like Cracker Barrel restaurant gift stores or other novelty stores, these are usually cardboard glasses with insets that make the world seem filled with rainbows, snowflakes etc. depending on the insert.  [under $2]

Use this as a teaching moment after the giggling stops...
 ---Talk about how hard it is to imagine another person's viewpoint.
 ---Talk about how hard it is to describe something if you see it so differently from the other person.

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