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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Parenting Tips: Final Calm Spot Hints

I've posted about recommended creating a Calm Spot instead of Naughty Chair [March 22]
I've posted about  how to use a Calm Spot  [March 29]
Last Thursday was ideas of what to put in a Calm Spot to help your child regain calm. [April12]

Today some final thoughts 
Remember that the goal is to help your child understand, recognize, and manage their feelings in a way that helps your household maintain a more calm, less streessful, less emotional atmosphere.

Two Key Points: 
1- The child should help pick the Calm Spot and the items for the Calm Box. 
This is part of teaching the child to recognize their own style, what helps, etc. It also teaches the assumption that there are things that DO help. 
2- Do this when all is well with the child.  
That's when you explain that when s/he needs to calm down s/he can go to his spot and use the box until s/he feels calm or until thinks /she can come back and be ok. 

Three ways they might go to their Calm Spot:  
1.They can ask to use the calm spot if they think they need it.  
2. You might suggest the calm spot if something you see makes you think they need it. 
3. They may say no once.  But if in a few minutes you see that they still need it, you, as the grownup in charge, might insist that they spend at least some time in their calm spot.  
 [Some families make these into rules and post them for older kiddos.]

Miscellaneous extra ideas:
1- Consider having your older kids serch online for images or photos that are calming. Print them and make a calming notebook of those images, or post them in their calm spot.
2-Research calming techniques online for them OR for you. There are apps that help with relaxation [ex: breathe2relax] and online relaxation sites [ex:].

Go for it!     and     Good Luck!  
I hope this series has helped.

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