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Friday, April 13, 2012

Anything Can Happen: Laundry Tip

Have you ever had a clothes washer repairman scold you about using too much soap in your wash?  While it looks funny on a sitcom I learned my lesson years ago after a costly repair.  It looks funny on a sitcom but I was taught some tips over the years since and have never had the problem again:

1- You should not see more than a few bubbles through the washer window of a front loader or on the top of a top loader. [Rich, bubbly suds like the picture at left may look impressive, but it is much too much soap for the rinse cycle to manage. It will eventually result in a picture more like Bobby Brady's above or the new version at right.]

2- Take whatever the manufacturer suggests, divide it by TWO and try it on an average load.  If it does well, stick with it.  If not, add a little more and try again.  Continue till you find what works in your washer. [Remember that it is to the manufacturer's sales totals advantage for you to use more than necessary! Rarely will half the suggested amount be enough.]

Here is my favorite new product... especially helpful if you are smart enough to have your kids doing their own laundry...  Purex laundry sheets [soap and softener all together imbedded into sheets].  I cut each sheet in two so that I can be absolutely sure my wonderful kiddos aren't over-sudsing my machine and the clothes.

You don't want this Friday the 13th to live up to the image of its name!
Remember the lesson of Bobby Brady on The Brady Bunch!.....

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