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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Soapbox: Being Thankful

Thanksgiving is just over a week away and I have to admit that for all more complaints and frustrations I have an abundance of things for which to be thankful.

I have never lived my life trying to achieve wealth or power [and its a good thing, because I don't have either!]. I spend far more time worrying about money than I would like. I spend far more time wishing for this or that than I want to admit.  No, I am not rich.  No, I am not ever comfortable. I have debt.  I struggle with bills. I have absolutely no savings, which at 63 is very scary. BUT, I have a home, I don't worry about putting food on my table or coats on the kids in winter.  I have computer and internet access. I have a basic level of living that thousands and thousands and thousands in this country do not have, nor will ever have.  So I DO have wealth. Without even looking at the cliche of starving child in country x or y I have wealth. In a country where so many homes are in foreclosure or long gone or never had, I have a home. It is large enough that we could fit more people in it if needed or wanted. Would I like a hot tub? Sure. But I certainly don't "need" one.  Same for most everything that I want. 

My birthday always comes right around Thanksgiving.  I feel awkward when people ask what I "want" for my birthday.  As a single person whose parents have died there is no longer anyone who can or should buy me a "big" present.  No "Every kiss begins with Kay" surprise, no new car with a bow outside to shock me. No cruise tickets or vacation packages. Birthdays are mostly cards and simple gifts whose most important message is that I am loved. And, truly, that is what I want most... to be near [in spirit if not in person] to those I love and who love me.  In that I am as rich as anyone on the Forbes 500!  

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