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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Quick Takes: Favorite Quotes #7-10

More favorite quotes--Today quotes on staying out of trouble or getting out of trouble.

For other favorite quotes search "quotes."

Attributions are often debatable, just as with legends and proverbs.  If I have a name I will offer it, but with no guarantees. [Even #7 which I should be able to guarantee, may have come from his mother or father.]

#7-- "If you can't be smart, don't be stupid!"
              James H. Underwood, minister [and my dad]

#8-- "The way out of trouble is never as easy as the way in."
             Edgar Watson Howe, writer & editor

#9-- "The first rule of holes; when you're in one... stop digging!"
             Molly Ivins, writer

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