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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Parenting Tips: Thank You notes

Our Thursday tips this month are focusing on helping kids develop a sense of gratitude and learning to thank people.  Today... Thank you notes. 

Thank you notes are not every child's favorite activity.  But they are a crucial skill to learn and, like most skills, starting early helps. In this era of emails and phone calls a written thank you note will be truly treasured by its recipient, and the lesson important for your kids.

For youngest or most reluctant: 
Take a picture of them with a thank you sign. Even write "Thank you" in chalk on a sidewalk and sit them next to it!  Use that to make a thank you card [either by computer or the old fashioned copy, cut and paste system].  On the inside of the card all they have to do is draw a happy face and either print their name or initial [if able] or sign it with an inked thumbprint.  [For extra fun have the kids come up with how to show the words "Thank you."  One of the past favorites with my crew... the words spelled out in Skittle candies on the kitchen table while the child sat and waved next to it.]

As they get older you can up the ante step by step... 

1. Require the child to write "Thank you for the ___(name the gift)______." above their signature.

2. Require the child to write "Dear _(name of giver)_, "Thank you for the ___(name the gift)______."

3. Require the child to add one sentence about the gift before signing. ["I really like the color.""I can use it at school." etc.]

Option: If you have group gifts or several kids, take a group picture for the outside and each child can add a sentence or note or happy face, depending on age.

Also: In the beginning they will be more successful if you write the address etc, but let them have the fun of adding the stamp and taking it to the mailbox or post office.

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