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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Soapbox: Saying Goodbye--"Worth Every Tear"

Today's post is a guest post. I found it on the blog "Called to Foster" and got permission to post it here.  Every foster parent should print this and keep it close at hand to remind themselves the mighty gift of love they give, even when they have to say goodbye.  Thanks for guesting... and Well said! 

from "Called to Foster" July 24, 2011 ---

Worth Every Tear

I handed an itsy-bitsy over this morning.  We were the “intermittent” caregivers. The one who cared for her in-between the in-between.  It was never meant to be more than temporary. She came from a wonderful and hopeful adoptive family who loves her and this morning I handed her over to a great uncle, great aunt and cousins who also love her.
I know she will be safe, taken care of and loved but it still hurts to loose her. I can only imagine how much worse it hurt for the hopeful adoptive family.  They held, rocked and loved on her the first weeks of her life then handed her over to us knowing it might be their last time seeing the daughter they have fallen in love with. Their last cuddle their last kiss and tears.
Seven days later our family released her… another last cuddle, last kiss and more tears.  No matter what the circumstances are, when you’re handing over one you have loved and cared for it hurts. It doesn’t get easier just because she’s our 22nd child, it doesn’t get easier because she was only here seven days, it doesn’t get easier because she’s going to a home where she will be okay. It’s still a loss and it still hurts.
Today will be a day of tears.  Tears, as I held her in my arms for the last time, as I walked away leaving her with her new family.  More tears when I came home and unloaded her car seat then took apart her bed.  Again tears poured out as I sat in church and even more when I found two tiny diapers in my purse.  It maybe a day of tears but thankfully it will also be a day to count blessings.  She is blessed.  Blessed with three families who without a doubt love her.  Two of which risked heartbreak to love and provide for her during her first few weeks of life.
There are thousands of children out there who are hoping for just one person to love them, one person to call their family, one person to take that risk.
Fostering often doesn’t come without heartache but it’s worth every tear, everytime!
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