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Friday, August 26, 2011

Anything Can Happen: Kids vs Parents

Do you remember the first time you beat your parents in a game? Do you remember the thrill of knowing they didn't "let" you win...that you won fair and sqaure?  Give that thrill to your kids... Turn the tables of power to give them the edge that you usually have in games.  Hold a topsy-turvy game night! Here are three ideas for a generational challenge.

1--Rent a video game and stage a round robin contest between kids and parents.

2--Play charades or name that tune with the kids songs, book, or movie titles.

3--[for older kids] Have them write question cards with questions about current culture for a 2011 version of trivia. Or to make it a LITTLE easier for parents, all questions have to be from the pop culture of the last 5 years.

Other ideas???

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