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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Parenting Tips: One Last Hurrah

Now is the time for one last hurrah.  One last salute to summer fun.  Sit down with your kiddos and plan one last celebration of summer vacation.  If you live in a region where school has already begun, take a moment in the weekend to have one last fling anyway.

Your hurrah doesn't need to be away.  Nor does it need to be long.  It doesn't need party invitations or huge planning. It only needs the key ingredient:  a sense of the forbiddens granted... of getting away with something delightfully out of bounds. 

Who needs nutrition? 
Maybe plan a supper meal that is ridiculously decadent.  An all you can eat ice cream sundae buffet with all kinds of crazy fixings as supper is outrageous... but won't actually hurt anyone who isn't diabetic or on some special dietary restrictions. 

How about a movie marathon?  Take a weekend night and allow the kids to stay up to watch as many DVDs as they want, as a family affair with popcorn and fruit ka-bobs. Stretch out the blankets on the floor, everybody get in their pjs and last one awake turns off the lights and the TV. No harm, no foul.

Fort Hideaways?
Bring all the blankets and pillows you can find, move the dinner table furniture into the living room and turn the living room into a massive, multi-room castle with forts, hideaways, secret passages, and whatever else they can dream up.

Choose what fits your family and ages...  Be silly... Have  fun... Enjoy the unexpected!

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