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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Quick Takes: Safe Sibling Wars

A couple of weeks ago I offered a tip for fun-provoking solutions to sibling squabbles [Orange Wars...July 30, 2011].  Here is another one:

Balloon Wars--
Use a yardstick to mark goal line for each child if inside. [If outside draw the lines in the grass or dirt or on the sidewalk]. 
The two children stand about 5 feet apart, each behind "their" line. Both kids have to keep their hands behind their backs.  Inflate a large balloon and have a "judge" stand in the center holding the balloon at shoulder height. On a 1-2-3-Go mark the judge releases the balloon  the two children can come out from behind their lines and start blowing.  The first two get the balloon across the other child's line "wins." If the balloon touches the ground it is a time out and the judge restarts the challenge. 

Like the orange war, the point is to defuse the anger by changing the children's focus. 

Less confrontational version... Outside draw a start line and about 25 feet away a finish line.  Each child has their own balloon.  Each tries to blow their balloon all the way to cross the finish line.  They still start over if the balloon touches the ground. They still have to keep hands behind their backs. First to blow their balloon across the finish line wins.  

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