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Friday, August 19, 2011

Anything Can Happen: 10,000 blog views!!

Hey, guess what?

While I was running around like crazy this week with chaffeuring kids and visiting family and sick family, I hit a milestone.

My little blog, this little blog, passed the 10,000 view mark!

Now, I know that this is just a teeny blog in the blog world, and it has grown very slowly.  But I am within a month of the year-iversary of the scheduled topic, daily format, and I am beginning to find a few followers.I remember when no one but my family read my blog [and them not often!]

I wish I had the time to do the things all the books say to do to grow a blog.  I try to follow other blogs and occasionally comment on other people's blogs but most of my blog time is spent writing my entries. And my blog is more information focused than daily events.

I sometimes [ok, often] feel guilty working on my blog when housework is behind [always] and kids are calling [always] and my latest writing job is coming closer to deadline [often]. But I confess to liking my blog.  I LOVE it when I hear by email from someone maybe too shy to leave a post.  I get excited whenever I see a return comment posted. I love the way it reminds me to try an old trick again, to search my brain for a new tip or strategy, to focus my words, and much more.

Yes, ... I wish I had more followers.
Yes, ... I wish my followers were more interactive.
Yes, ... I sometimes am tempted to gain exposure by including ads.
Yes, ... I dream about my blog being "discovered."

But 10,000 views is a lot of eyes of my writing

10,000 moments that people were listening..

10,000 reasons to be excited

Quite a milestone

Today I am celebrating!!

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