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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Quick Takes: Creative Rewards #26-30

Today's quick take is five more creative rewards for your kids.  Examples are for a mix of ages and genders. [Creative Rewards #1-25 can be found if you search "Rewards."]

 26. Have a "Play on the bed" nap.  No somersaults or cartwheels, but blocks and toys are ok as long as they stay quiet and on their bed. 

 27. Freedom to skip the "veggie" night.  [Oh come on... it's just one night, and another time you can offer freedom to skip meat or milk.]

 28. Play with a bubble wand and bubble mix. [If you can go outdoors, go crazy with this one and try some new ideas for wands. It's a double reward if you play with them!] 

 29. A "Don't have to help bring in the groceries" pass.  

30.   Invite a grownup friend to have dinner. [Maybe have the child make and decorate name cards for each place?]   

Beginning to realize a world of non-food rewards, non-expensive rewards that bring joy and delight??

Watch for the next installment of creative reward ideas a month from now.

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