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Friday, March 4, 2011

Anything Can Happen: A Personal Wooo-hoooo

I don't often share what is going on in our household or in my life but yesterday proved to me that sometimes, just sometimes, anything can happen can actually be a good thing.

I have been working hours each day preparing a formal proposal about the new book I am writing.  I have two agents who have asked to see the full proposal on the basis of the initial "query" which is wonderful in itself.  But preparing a proposal is daunting and when you don't have fancy initials after your name, it is even tougher.  I have been working to get experts who are willing to read the galleys of the book and hopefully give an endorsement blurb for the covers etc.  It is slow going and is hard to find contact info.

But yesterday I hit the jackpot!

In one day I got "yeses" from:

Dr. Thomas Lickona: author of  "Character Matters" and other books

Irene Clements: current president of the National Foster Parent Association

Kathy Harrison:  past Massachusetts foster parent of the year and author of: "Another Place at the Table" and "One Small Boat" [about foster care]

Dr. Thomas Phelan: author of the "1,2,3 Magic" parenting series !

Dr. Michele Borba: Today show parenting expert, best selling author of 23 parenting books ! !

What a boost to my spirits and hope for this book.
 [tentatively titled: "Raising Honest Children in a Dishonest World: Strategies, Tips, and Tools to Reduce Lying and Stealing"]

Anything CAN happen!
Wooooooo hoooooooo ! !

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