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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Quick Takes: Be Prepared!

With all the news coverage about the disaster in Japan, many of you may have children who are worried, or concerned about where you live and how safe it is. I really like the graphic at right. But for responding to Japan and controlling anxiety check out the kids page FEMA put together. There is a GREAT section for kids on  what kids may feel in a disaster that can help you talk to your kids. Check it out!

  Fema Kids Page: Best site to talk about disaster feelings and planning with kids!

Of course, another way to reassure them in a practical, hands-on way is to show them that you are prepared.... great chance to review your family fire escape plan, your emergency contacts plan, and if you are of a mind to prepare for other disasters you can find plans, essential supply lists, special needs hints, and much much more on what I think is the overall  best site:

If you decide to go the emergency pack route... here are some places you can start if you don't want to make one as a family:

Sites for emergency pre-done packs and supplies:
Personal Safety Emergency Pack [short term]   $9.95
American Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Pack [color coded module pack] $44.99
Grab-n-Go Emergency Kit  [2 person-3 day]  $39.00
Deluxe Disaster Survival Kit  [4 person-3 day] $99.99  [Emergency Zone®]  
Datrex Emergency Water supplies [5yr shelf life, 64 individual pouches] $15.81
Mountain House 72 hour Emergency Meal Kit [7yr shelf life, freeze dried 3 each:breakfast, lunch, dinner, side veggies]  $56.99

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