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Monday, November 15, 2010

School Bell: Teacher Gifts?

This is a great time of year to give have your children make a gift to give their teacher.  By doing it at Thanksgiving time you avoid any concern about who celebrates what holiday.  Thanksgiving time is also a very appropriate time since any teacher gift is a thank you for what they are giving your children.  I like to have my children make something homemade or give something useful or both.

Homemade Gifts: 
••Cookies or Breads the children can make with your help.
••Make a mini book that tells what the child likes about that teacher --even just a single word per page [ex: patient, funny, fair] with the pages colored and decorated. Bind and wrap.
••Make a bunch of whisks assembly line if you have several kids. The one pictured is for a Christmas theme but it is easily adjusted.  Put any Thanksgiving or autumn candy in a small bag, stick in the whisk, wrap in plastic wrap and tie with ribbon.  Add sentiment  signed by the child.  "We whisk you a Happy Thanksgiving!"  

Useful gifts:
••School supplies that the teacher otherwise spends their own money to buy.  Examples: A "Mid-Year Survival Kit with fresh new pencils, a couple of rulers, glue sticks, box of tissues, hand sanitizer, sticky notes, etc.  They can use them at home or at school.
••Gift Card to a local bookstore, coffee shop, movie theater  [maybe even an ice cream shoppe?!]

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