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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Quick Takes: Creative Rewards #6-10

Today's quick take is five more creative rewards for your kids.  Since this is November, the season of thanks, make a simple thank you note. See if they can guess what good deed or behavior earned them the card and the reward listed inside!  Examples are for a mix of ages and genders. [Creative Rewards #1-5 are in Oct 2 blog entry.]

 6.  Ice cream party  [basic ice cream, special sauces, fruit, sprinkles, nuts... as crazy as you want]

 7.  Get a bedtime back rub or extra story [often great with young kiddos]

 8.  One-on-one time with a favorite adult [breakfast out together is a common favorite choice]

 9.  Stay up late [the thrill of getting to stay up past bedtime rarely gets old]

10.  Marshmallow Roast [s'mores taste just as good toasted over the kitchen stove]

Note: If you have several children be sure that you find ways for each of them to get a thank you if at all possible. The size of reward may be different if behavior is radically different.

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