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Friday, November 5, 2010

Anything Can Happen: Kindness Explosion

Today on "anything can happen" day I challenge you to choose a new way to celebrate the Thanksgiving season. Check out some of these people who are finding thankful hearts by spreading gratitude, kindness, and caring.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a project gives out free yellow umbrellas with return address cards included for posting pay it forward kindness online.  Check it out at here you go to see the results.

In Santa Cruz, California, Greg Archer took a microphone out on the street to conduct an experiment in passing out compliments.  Check it out at the bottom of the gratitude experiment.

A woman named Patience Salgado teaches her children [and all of us who follow her kindness girl blog] the art of finding joy in doing goodness anonymously. I am continuously inspired by her and the unending ways she finds to do small kindnesses destined to transform the day for the lucky recipients. [I especially love her children's conversation about magic in her October 16, 2010 blog entry.]

Rachel Whetzel was inspired to guerilla goodness encouraging local school children with chalk walks the first day of school. Check it out!

Michael J. Chase chucked his thriving photography business and founded The Kindness Center in Maine. His goal is to convince people not just to perform random acts of kindness, but to choose kindness as an intentional way of life.

So what can I and you and your family do?  I challenge us all to take the 19 days left between today and Thanksgiving to explore new ways to be kind and to be thankful.  Let's commit to doing ONE thing each day to be kind and thankful. Write it down. Send in your updates.  Let's see how that might transform our day of Thanksgiving, and maybe us in the process. What do you think? Keep us posted!

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