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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Caring Heart: Stickers and Smiley Faces

This was written in the "Celebrations" section of the book and will be familiar to any parent, bio, foster, adoptive, kinship...any parent who has a child who has struggled in school.

She brought another sticker-topped paper home today.  I can hardly believe my refrigerator is full of papers.  I can remember when I thought he would never experience success in school.  Heck, I can remember when I feared she would never even learn to read! And now all these stickers and encouraging comments, and decent grades with stars and smily faces and "Atta Boy" notes scrawled at the top.  Even better he is so proud of them that he races to post the latest on the refrigerator for everyone to see.  Maybe she never thought she could succeed either?  I am so excited that he is finally doing well. I am even more excited that she is proud of doing well.  We thank you for the joys of hope and pride in accomplishment!  Amen.

Excerpted from "The Caring Heart Speaks: Meditations for foster, kinship, and adoptive parents" by Gail Underwood Parker

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