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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Caring Heart: Another Missed Visit

Today's meditation is for every time you see a child's heart broken a little more because a bio-family member failed to show for a scheduled visit.

Another Missed Visit

Lord, her mother missed another visit today.  It broke my heart to see her face as the clock moved minute by minute, later and later until it was clear her mom wold not be coming today/  First confused, then worried, then determined not to show how hurt and disappointed she is.  After the other times I know that this quietness is temporary.  Next will come the storm, maybe picking a fight with me or the other kids over some inconsequential think just to give her a vent for all those emotions bottled up inside.  Maybe a rant about being a foster child, or about her mother.  How do I balance letting her know her feelings are all fair with helping her be okay with herself despite another missed visit?  Be with her mother as she makes these decisions or faces whatever circumstances led her to be a no-show again.  Give her courage and skills to face her challenges and work to become more able.  Amen.

Excerpted from "The Caring Heart Speaks: Meditations for foster, kinship, and adoptive parents" by Gail Underwood Parker

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