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Friday, November 12, 2010

Anything Can Happen: Ever Do Sidewalk Chalk?

No, the picture on the left is NOT a broken water main turned into a rafting opportunity.

One of my daughters is an artist and so friends often send me unusual art projects they find online.  I am showing a couple here just to give you an idea of how amazing sidewalk chalk art can be.  Think of the times your children may have passed time on a summer afternoon drawing on the sidewalk or driveway with thick chunks of colored chalk.  My mind is boggled by the skill and imagination and creativity that transforms some of those small children into sidewalk chalk artists of the like of Julian Beever [above] or Tracy Lee Stum [right] whose works are shown here.  I encourage you to check out their work and others by googling 3D chalk and then share it with your children. Mine are always awestruck and amazed.  Seeing what is possible with sidewalk, chalk, effort, and talent is really impressive.  Think of the joy and wonder this kind of art work brings.  Check out julian beever, kurt wenners, madonnara, Tracy Lee Stum and more! For an aMAzing video of the process check out:

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