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Monday, September 19, 2011

School Bell: Teacher Introductions

Now is the perfect time to start building a spirit of cooperation and support with your child's teacher/school. Classrooms across the country are faced with increasing budget cuts.  This gives you a simple opening to make contact with your child's teacher.  Don't just show up at school and pump them with questions.  Arrive after school ends, and as any guest, bring a hostess gift.  No, you're not bribing them any more than a dinner guest is bribing their host.

Bring things that will help the teacher support your child and the rest of the class. Things that are never covered in a school budget but always needed to keep a classroom running smoothly. Any of these can be found at your local dollar store. Bring them as they are of tie them with a ribbon and a "Have a good year" tag. Hold the barrage of questions for later... the teacher will remember you as being helpful and thoughtful and the stage will be set for good communication. If there is a pressing concern, write it in a note and send it the next day or by email.

     1. extra pencils or pens

     2. cheeze/animal cracker snack bags.

     3. box of tissues [perfect for fall allergies & colds]

If your child is particularly challenging or had a rough start, one of these ideas might fit well:

     4. Roll or bag of life savers...
Note: "You were a real life saver these first few weeks for Johnny."

     5. Box of paper clips, rubber bands, whatever...
Note: "Thanks for helping Susie keep it together these first few weeks!"

     6. fun sticky notes or glue sticks
Note: "Thanks for sticking to it even on the tough days!"

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