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Friday, September 16, 2011

Anything Can Happen: Complaints, Surgeries, and Improbabilities

I rarely write about my day to day goings on.  However every once in a while day to day life bumps into my blog. The last week or so has been a definitive anything can happen spell.

One of my cherubs has a rich history of what is called somatic complaints.  He is overly aware of everything in or on his body. He also has an anxiety disorder. Not a good combination. In other words he is constantly worrying about this of that twinge or pain or itch and convinced he needs to go to the doctors or the hospital to be checked.

Over the last I don't even know how long, he has sometimes worried that he was having a heart attack.... that he had chest pains.  He is 16. Most of his complaints are of no concern.  When he was insistent, he was checked out and the doctor reassured him that he was not in fact having a heart attack, that he must be experiencing muscle pulls, twinges, etc. typical of growing kids.

Long story short... a bit ago he had an "episode" that surpassed his usual routine and combined with his pallor and cold sweat got the attention of everyone.  Several doctor visits, one ultrasound, and many blood tests later, my 16 year old, male, skinny, non risk ethnicity child was in the hospital having his gall bladder removed which proved to be chock full of gall stones more than even the ultrasound showed.

Now if that isn't stretching the odds enough, once discharged from hospital and home recovering, he developed a rash which the doctors thought was chickenpox. [Which by the way he had already had, but his sister had twice!] Only one of mine could go into the hospital, lose a gall bladder, and gain chickenpox.  The post script is that the rash is not classified as "unknown origin" rather than chickenpox so he can start back to school next week.  But the moral of this story is.... 1- Anything can happen, including gall bladder attacks in a skinny young boy.  and  2- The minute you are sure of something, fate will delight in proving you wrong.

Note: Some of you regular followers may have noticed that there was no blog posted on Wednesday this week... one of I think only two days I have missed in the last year. Now you know why.  I ran out of blogs I had "banked" for a time crunch. 

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