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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Parenting Tips: Family Rules..Pt 4: Privacy Rights

One family rule that is easy to forget is privacy.  When a child invades your privacy you are annoyed, and when a parent invades a child's privacy they are outraged [especially adolescents!]. Head both problems off by establishing family rooms about privacy.  Areas you should be sure to cover:

Be sure your children understand that NOTHING on the internet or email or text is private EVER. Keep them safe from others and from themselves. There is no way to keep ditial information private, no matter how hard you try.

School Lockers-
Kids need to know school lockers are not personal space.

Home: [bedrooms, dressers, purses, etc]  Decide what your family rules are about personal space for children of different ages.

Bodies:  The first step of sex education  safety is teaching children that their bodies are private space.

Take the time to think carefully and decide what rules will fit your family.  Once you have decided, make sure everyone understands.  Don't forget this important aspect of family life. 

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