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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Quick Takes: A Book Find!

Hey I found a great book... one that many others have discovered already as evidenced by the 9 awards it has won, including the Mom's Choice Award.

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?   A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids
by Carol McCloud  Illustrated by David Messing

This book has been out since 2007 and was originally self-published. [take note you writers out there!]
Using simple, but charming illustrations and plain language the book leads children to  see the joy THEY will dsicover when they are kind and thoughtful and loving as part of their daily lives.  They see not only how rewarding it is for others, but for the giver as well.  Using the image of a bucket gives a concrete sense to a more nebulous concept of kindness and warmth. After reading this with your kids you have an easy cue to remind them about "bucket filling" and "bucket dipping."

Her book has now grown into an array of books and other products, even a website.  Her program of bucket fillers is not in schools complete with wristbands, posters, car decals, and t-shirts for elementary and teens alike.  If you haven't seen this yet.  Get it!  [It also makes a great gift.]

Reminder: I am not paid or compensated to recommend ANYTHING on this site.  I NEVER recommend something unless I have personally used it and found it successful or useful.

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