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Monday, January 23, 2012

School Bell: Learning Alphabet Letters

For those of you with little ones who are starting to learn their letters... here are two really easy ways to help both entertain your child and help him/her learn.

1. Find the letter
    For a really inexpensive way to give your child lots and lots of practice recognizing letters grab any of the inexpensive word search collections. Instead of using the pages as word searches, use them as letter searches.  Hand the child a page, two crayons, and challenge them to circle all the As in red and all the Ps in blue for example.  [Hint: Pick one with relatively large letters to make it easier.]

When I had little kids around, I would keep a couple of word search pages in my purse in case I needed to keep them occupied for a few minutes [in a waiting room, while I finished a phone call, etc.]

2. Alphabet Around the House
    Using sticky notes or index cards, label things around the house with the first letter of its name.  C/chair, T/table, M/mirror, B/bed  and so on.  You can focus on one letter at a time or do multiple letters depending on your child.  Have the child help you to multiply the fun, the connections, and the learning.

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