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Friday, January 6, 2012

Anything Can Happen: Crazy Great "Swim"

Next time your kids whine that "There's nothing to dooooo," share this.  All over the coast of Maine this is the season for crazy.  Crazy but great.  All kinds of wonderful, worthy organizations raise hundreds and thousands of dollars counting on crazy to win over common sense.  All ages are welcomed to share in a "Polar Bear Dip" .... racing in the middle of winter into freezing cold Maine water clad in bathing suits and accompanied by wild shrieks and screams as water touches skin. More sensible people offer money pledges to encourage this madness and to raise money for cause X or Y.

Next time you go for a dip at your local indoor swimming pool [or those of you who live in southern climes, when you go into the ocean] and complain that the water is too cold at 65 degrees.... think of the crazy, zany, dedicated ones who dove and splashed into the waters of Portland's Casco Bay this January... into water that is around 34 degrees!! Try that Michael Phelps!

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